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Window Repair in Duarte

Sierra Glass and Mirror is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving the Duarte community for over 25 years. Our team of professional has the experience and knowledge to provide you with services that meet your needs. Whether you need help repairing a residential or commercial window, we can help. Give us a call at 626-355-3407 or contact us through our website.

Repairing and Replacing Windows

Whether your window has a minor crack or is in pieces, we will help you get it fixed up in no time. We offer a range of products and services to repair many types of windows:

  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Storefront windows
  • Patio and sliding door glass
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Double-hung windows

We meet glass needs of commercial and residential customers.

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Assessing the Problem

Windows can stop working for a variety of reasons. Some indicators that windows aren’t doing their job include excessive fogging, letting drafts through, and overheating from the sun. Our glass experts will identify where the problem with your window is originating and determine the best solution to fix your window.

Servicing all Window Needs

Window repair jobs come in all shapes and sizes with their own unique complexities and variations. We service windows in all types of residential and commercial buildings.

  • Solar screens
  • Restaurant and office buildings
  • Customer windows
  • Apartments

Some repairs are more common than others but we have expertise to tackle any job.

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Wooden Windows that are Stuck

Sometimes when you paint your windows you can cause them harm. Wooden windows can get stuck for many different reasons. In some cases, excessive dampness can cause the wood to swell while additional paint can add too much girth to the window design. We can repair stuck wooden windows so they open again.

Leaking Windows

If leaks and moisture are making their way inside through the frames of your windows we can reseal these windows to stop and prevent leaks. By taking care of this issue quickly you can avoid rotting and mold.

Wooden window sills can rot quickly. Heavy winds and rain to the window sills can cause the window to start rotting. By swapping out the sill you can mitigate rot forming on the rest of the window.

Broken Glass

Cracked glass doesn’t mean that you need to replace the entire window. Often, we can replace that piece of glass with a newer and more durable piece. Then, you can keep the current window frame in place as long is it is still in good condition.

Strong Drafts

Drafts coming through windows can reduce the energy efficiency of your home. We repair windows with Low E glass. Sometimes this involves redoing the caulking and other times we need to replace the glass. Regardless, we will assess the problem and come up with the best solution.

Repairing Your Windows in Duarte

If a window isn’t doing its job, we want to help. Whether it is replacing a window that is cracked or resealing your window, we have the expertise and tools needed to make sure your window looks and works just how it should. To get started, give us a call at 626-355-3407 or contact us through our website.

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